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About Us

About Us

Maggie Lane Designs was founded in 2012 by Layne Gray.
Each piece is original and unique so you can be sure that no two items are ever the same. Our ethos is individuality and quality and each piece is designed to captivate and inspire you and your inner being so that this will always shine through.


Only the best quality gemstones, beads and fixings are used when creating our designs so you can rest assured knowing that your special creations are made with love and excellence.
We are so committed to this way of thinking that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your item, and a 90 day reconstruction service if you find that you have any accidents with your items.
In addition to this, if you have any old jewellery that is not made by Maggie Lane Designs that needs reconstructing, we can try and do this for you for a minimal service fee.

What to do 

This site has been established to provide an insight into the designs that are offered.
Each design is individual so if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a similar piece or would like to know price information then please contact us for the current designs we have available.
If you would like to purchase an item, you will then be invoiced to pay via Paypal.
For any further information please contact us. we will endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours. Many thanks and we hope you enjoyed looking at our site.
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